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D1200x1200 Patio Paver Slabs Aberdeen Dalle De Patio 00997 01 2100 Pi


Available Sizes and Colours


About Aberdeen Interlock Pavers

Go bold or go home with the Aberdeen patio slab. Massive and luxurious, this slab’s sizes are packaged separately for full flexibility in your backyard design. Versatile in style, the Aberdeen slab can look traditional by installing it in modular patterns, integrating all its sizes. You can also achieve a modern look by having it installed in linear patterns, achieved only with slabs of 20×30 or 30×10 independently. Finally, if whimsical trends are what really speak to you, it can be achieved by laying the Aberdeen paver’s 30×30 units in a checkerboard pattern. For a natural bluestone look, choose this paver in the Azzurro colour. Transforming your landscape ideas into reality is made easy with the audacious Aberdeen! Use this slab for your pool deck, walkway or patio designs. Aberdeen is part of the wet cast collection, is pedestrian-friendly and features our latest Klean-Bloc technology for protection against everyday wear and tear.

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