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Triple Mix

Perfect for dressing lawns and garden beds, triple mix soil can enhance any soil structure. Combining peat, compost and sandy soil, triple mix provides plants with the nutrients they need, all while improving moisture retention. 

Acorn's Triple Mix is nutritionally balanced for maximum plant growth. A combination of sandy loam, organic compost, and aged, odour-free horse manure, this mix will help your landscape flourish. Low acidity makes it excellent for both lawns and gardens.
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Grade Soil

Before starting any landscape work, it's important the soil is properly graded. Well-graded soil contains a wide range of particle shapes and sizes, giving it stability and structure while also allowing it to drain properly.

Acorn Landscape Supply's Grade Soil is a screened sand and topsoil mix. Best used under sod or for building up large depths, this soil provides the structure and drainage needed for your lawn and garden beds to thrive.

Order online or call us to learn more about this product.

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Top Dress Mix

Topdressing mixes combine materials such as sand, soil, loam and peat to provide a well-draining, nutrient-boosting layer to lawns. Additionally, topdressing can level out your lawn so that it can grow healthy and strong without lumps, bumps and craters. 

Acorn's Top Dress Mix is a finely screened topsoil product that's perfect for lawns and garden beds. With this mix, you can look forward to showing off the best yard on the block. Order this mix to your front door with our topsoil delivery services today!
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Soil Delivery to Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Burlington & More

Get your premium soil mixes delivered right to your doorstep with our local delivery services. Acorn Landscape Supply will transport the landscape materials you need within 24 hours of your order. With affordable rates, fast delivery turnaround times and a passionate team of helping hands, you can count on Acorn to provide everything you need for your outdoor project.
Soil delivery in Milton, Oakville & the Surrounding Region

Serving Milton, Oakville & the Surrounding Region 

At Acorn Landscape Supply, we're proud to offer premium landscaping materials to homeowners and businesses across the Halton-Peel region. With convenient delivery services, online ordering options, and a helpful team of landscaping experts, we make it easy for both contractors and DIY-ers to get everything they need in one place.

Quality Blends for Beautiful Gardens 

We carry some of the finest materials you'll find in the region. Our soil mixes are carefully selected based on quality and sustainability, so we can offer customers the best bang for their buck, all while giving back to the environment. 

If you have any questions about our soil mixes, please reach out to our team today!
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