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Cedar Mulch
Pine Mulch
Black Mulch
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Cedar Mulch

A classic in many North American gardens, cedar mulch offers a world of benefits for your soil. This mulch breaks down slower than other mulches, making it ideal for those looking to boost water retention and ensure lasting protection during cold spells. As a natural pest repellent, cedar mulch also protects your outdoor landscape from many destructive insects. 

Our Cedar Mulch is single-ground and made with natural white cedar bark from central and northern Ontario. It is golden in colour with a rich cedar aroma. Because of its matty character, it makes for excellent weed and moisture control and can help reduce erosion.
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Pine Mulch

A lightweight top dressing, pine bark mulch is perfect for potted plants, shrubs and small trees. This mulch also doesn't pack down easily, meaning you won't have to rake it as often as other types.

Our Pine Mulch is single-ground and made with natural red and white pine bark mixed with a hint of spruce from northern Ontario. It is reddish tan in colour with a pleasant pine aroma. As pine mulch ages, it turns a deep, dark brown, and as it decomposes, its rich nutrient value enhances the soil.
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Black Mulch

Black mulch ensures your garden's vibrant colours truly pop. Offering the same benefits as other wood-based mulches, black mulch is dyed to provide a more striking appearance. 

Our black-coloured mulch is made of a recycled wood mixture, which is hand-sorted and double-ground. This mulch is dyed with a natural liquid dye and set for 48 hours to ensure that the colour will not run. Enjoy a beautiful contrast in your garden when you use this nutrient-rich mulch mixture.
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Mulch Delivery to Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Mississauga

Get top-quality mulch delivered to your home or worksite with our local delivery services. Serving Oakville, Burlington and the surrounding communities, Acorn Landscape Supply will transport the garden materials you need within 24 hours of placing an order. With affordable prices, fast turnaround times and a passion for outdoor beauty, you can count on Acorn Landscape Supply to supply all the essentials for a stunning outdoor space.

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Start with our online mulch calculator! This user-friendly tool will give you a good estimate of the volume of materials you'll need to complete your garden project.  
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Mulch Delivery Oakville

Serving Mississauga & The Halton Region

Acorn Landscape Supply provides high-quality gardening and landscaping products in the Halton-Peel region. Serving homeowners and businesses alike, our premium materials are sure to enhance and support your beautiful outdoor spaces. 

With regional delivery services, online ordering options, and carefully selected products, Acorn Landscape Supply is here to help passionate home gardeners and professional contractors create stunning landscapes. 
Mulch Yard Landscaping

Premium Materials for Beautiful Landscapes 

We carry some of the best gardening products in the region. Our premium mulch mixes are made of Ontario-grown woods, which are sourced with sustainability and quality in mind. 

If you have any questions about the mulch we offer or our other products, please contact our team today!
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