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Eco Optiloc Paver Natual 2 1920x1080


Available Sizes and Colours


About ECO-OPTILOC™ Interlock Pavers

Eco-Optiloc is the permeable version of the high performance, heavy duty Optiloc paver system. Special spacer bars create a 12mm gap between units which results in excellent infiltration rates when installed on an open graded base with fine stone chip between the joints. A heavy duty industrial paver that is one of the best solutions for vehicular pavements. Possessing the same L-shaped, tri-axis locking principle as world renowned Anchorlock, Eco-Optiloc offers one of the best solutions for permeable vehicular pavements. Like Anchorlock and Optiloc, Eco-Optiloc can also be laid mechanically. For large scale commercial projects, special order colors and textures are available.

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